Earn €25 For Your Selfies

We buy your regular and overt images

Up to
€ 25,00

We need a minimum of 6 images to pay you. If you want to get the maximum potential you need to upload to all categories.

Currently there is high demand for pictures of ladies over 45. Expect top range compensation when using all our possible options.

How it works

1. Create your account

Register and verify your account to be ready to upload your selfies.

2. Upload your selfies

Easily upload old or new selfies. We provide inspiration and tips for success.

3. Get your photos approved

Our team checks if your upload complies with the image requirements.

4. Get compensated

When your photos are approved, payment will be sent through your selected payment provider.

What compensation can you expect?

€ 4,50

A minimum of 3 social media pictures and 3 flirty pictures is already enough to get compensated

Up to
€ 25,00

Add pictures in the optional Hot & Spicy categories to earn even more

The payout ranges are based on supply and demand. This might change from time to time.

Currently there is a high demand for pictures of ladies over 45.

If you are a mature woman, expect a top range compensation.

Especially when you make use of all possible options, you’ll be rewarded well.

You are always in control of which images you upload. Stick to whatever feels right for you!

For more information please check our Compensation rates

What’s the minimum needed to get paid?

3 x Normal pictures

Normal pictures are the typical random pictures made when you leave your home to go to the supermarket, to work, to meet friends or family. Pictures of yourself that you could also post on social media often belong in this category.

Example of a Normal Picture

3 x Flirty pictures

Flirty pictures are those you take when you want to show yourself in another way. Imagine that you would go to a party to flirt and have a good time. We usually see outfits like half-open tops, mini skirts, and similar.

Example of a Flirty Picture

Other women about Sellfies

I was nervous about doing this, only because I was afraid I wouldn’t get paid. I got my money today and it was pretty easy! The money is so needed right now so it was an awesome experience. Any e mail I sent to them was quickly responded to. Thank you Sellfies!

I followed the guidelines, uploaded the photos, they were approved within half an hour, and I got paid after 2 days (since it was the weekend).

I am so lucky I found Sellfies! It was so easy going through with everything and I got paid really fast too. And who doesn’t want some extra money? Always count me in!

We’ve got A’s
for all your Q’s

For more information please check our Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of women is Sellfies looking for?

We are looking for women of all shapes and sizes, and of any age. Professionally styled models and their studio pics are not what we’re after.

We’re looking for real women with real photos. Ladies that are comfortable being on photos and feel confident of themselves and their body, please feel welcome!

Can I apply if I’m a mature woman?

Yes! Yes please! You are exactly the right model for us. You and your body have seen ‘life’ happen. That’s what we think is something to praise and be proud of. Definitely do not be afraid to sign up!

Can I stay anonymous?

Anonymity is a crucial part of Sellfies. We go the extra mile for you to stay anonymous.

You have the option to have us make your face unrecognizable. Pictures will then be modified by our AI-systems before further use. For example by cropping your face out of the image, or by adding an AI-generated face over your face.

Your name or other personal details will never be used, other than for payments and record keeping obligations.

How are my pictures used and what for?

After you sell us your photos, they have a licence to be used on private entertainment platforms. They will not be visible on search engines or social media. Your name and other personal details are never used. This guarantees your anonymity, unless someone simply recognizes you.

What are my pictures worth?

As a creator, your compensation depends on the nature of pictures you choose to upload. The spicier they are, the more you’ll get compensated in return. That said, it’s also possible to just sell us normal or flirty photos. That is totally up to you.

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