7 Best Places to Take Selfies at Home and Outdoors

In this article we will introduce you to the best places to take selfies at home and outdoors.

Taking sexy selfies is much easier than you think. Once you know what to do, you can impress your partner and even yourself. Choosing the right location for an erotic photo is one of the most important things when preparing for the shoot. The location of the shoot can create a vibe of the shoot.

A more unconventional location could make the picture feel daring, and it is a great way to show your dominance through a photo. For people who like to be more subtle, you would naturally gravitate to a more conventional, private setting.

The home is full of great locations to take your stunning private photos. Before we reveal these locations, it is important you know some basic rules about choosing the locations so you can get creative with your shoots.

Why do people take nudes?

Taking and sharing nude pictures is a good way to boost your confidence. It is thrilling when you share a very private part of yourself to a trusted party.

Taking a nude picture of yourself is a great step to reducing body dysmorphia. You learn to love yourself and your body the way it is.

People also take nudes to connect sexually to their partners over a distance. It is a great way to sexually bridge a long-distance relationship.

But what are the best places to take nude selfies at home and outdoors? First we need to answer 3 questions as to how we choose the best place.

How to Choose the Best Places to Take a Selfie

Taking a sexy pic can be unnerving, especially for newcomers. Choosing a good location might help boost your confidence and improve the general quality of the picture. It is also crucial that you choose a safe location to take your photos where you would be out of viewing range from any unwanted person.

A Well-Lit Environment

Whatever location you choose, you need to ensure it is adequately lit. Lighting is essential to every photo, and a well-lit picture is a successful one. You need to ensure that where you decide to use is well lit.

Choose a Simple Location

You need a good location that isn’t caked with different things that can make the picture look busy. Your area should be minimal. You’re the photo’s subject; therefore, there shouldn’t be any element in your image that would compete for attention.

Things like pets, clothes, a light source, etc., could be distracting and take away from your photo. It would be best if you, therefore, tried to keep your scene as natural as possible.

A Private Location

This is essential to keep you safe and out of reach of people who might want to use your private time against you.

You can use it anywhere within your apartment as long as you restrict access to only people you want. This means you need to ensure that all doors and windows are correctly locked. Windows give visual access to people on the outside. It is advisable to have the windows blocked with blinds or curtains. You can only leave a window unblinded if it doesn’t let people see you.

For outdoor shoots, you need to make sure that you’re all alone with your camera and maybe the photographer. You can remain comfortable and take your pictures without any untoward disturbances.

7 Best Places to Take Selfies at Home and Outdoors

1. Your bedroom

This is a no brainer when it comes to intimate photos. The bedroom is the most basic location to use when taking erotic pictures. The bed is one of the best props for a picture of this nature because it is the biggest representation of intimacy.

You could also take great photos in the bathroom because water adds a sensual element to your photo. Another idea is to take pictures in a bathtub filled with water and roses. If you don’t have a tub, you could also take steamy shower photos.

2. The kitchen

The kitchen is a more unorthodox location than the bedroom, although it is becoming more widely accepted as a location for intimacy.

Taking sexy pictures on the counter or kitchen island while role-playing in the kitchen. This change of location is welcome because it adds diversity and depth to your collection.

3. The yard

Taking your shot outdoors gives a very daring feel. It makes the picture feel bold. Going out of the house’s safety and coming to the yard provides a great confidence boost. A successful shoot would take your confidence to new levels.

4. Your private beach

This is a great outdoor spot for taking erotic photos. At the beach, in the early hours, the natural sunlight is warm, making the texture of your photo feel gentle, making it ideal for erotic photos.

5. Your home-office

This is another unconventional approach to taking sexy pictures. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing this in a professional setting. The home office is ideal for this sort of thing. It is an office setting with all the props of an office, but it is in the sanctuary of the home.

6. A private pool

The pool has a very sultry and naughty vibe because we imagine that the people at a pool would be in swimsuits. The pool is a perfect spot for taking naughty photos. However, it is imperative to ensure that there aren’t many distracting elements in your image.

7. A barn

The farm is a very subjective spot. It might be an excellent spot for someone and a bizarre one for another. Many people associate farm areas with sexy looking farmer’s daughters or handsome young farmers; this is where the subjectivity comes in.


Depending on how bold you are, you can take a sexy picture anywhere as long as you follow the rules for taking these pictures. You need to make sure you’re the focus of all the pictures and remove everything that could compete for attention in the background.

Doing those things would guarantee that virtually any location you use would suit the purpose of the picture. However, some particular locations are essential because of social influence, like the kitchen and office, making them seem more ideal for taking nudes and erotic photos.

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