How To Take Beautiful Pictures Like Celebrities

Sometimes, it’s not the private jets, the luxury events, or the beautiful sceneries that make the pictures of celebrities look so glamorous. Of course, no one denies that it helps. But have you seen the way these celebrities look on the red carpet? Or when in public generally? They seem like they were born ready for the camera.

How can you make your pictures look that beautiful and confident? If you want to know the answer to that, you should keep reading for the next few minutes to find out how you can replicate the aura of your favorite celebrity in your next photo spree.

No Lighting, No Photo!

Celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and Jennifer Lopez have emphasized the importance of the perfect lighting in any picture. Whether outdoor or indoor, getting the perfect lighting might be the missing jig to completing your puzzle of getting that celebrity picture. While sunlight can provide all the light you need on a sunny day, you might want to invest in a good ring light to help give your picture that ‘pop.’ For selfies, you could try out illuminating phone cases like the Lumee phone case to help your cause for good lighting.

You could also go for unorthodox methods of providing the light you need for your picture. Billionaire Kylie Jenner once posted a picture using the light from her opened fridge because she claimed it gave the type of lighting she needed. So, don’t be scared to try new things! You might want to clean up your fridge before replicating that trick, though. Just kidding!

Bring All That Confidence!

Ciara once said, “Confidence is everything. It is what makes that simple white tee and jeans look good.” In most cases, people lack confidence when taking pictures, and it shows! That’s the wrong way to do it. Always be on top of your confidence game. Bring your brightest smile to the picture. Or are you a guy who wants that ice-cold look? A little smirk might just do the trick.

Sometimes, you might not be feeling up to it too. Well, Rihanna comes to our rescue here. In reply to how she copes with not being confident at times, she said, ‘she’ll either fake it or cry herself to sleep’. You’ll agree the latter is way more exhausting.

Flaunt Your Best Side!

Ariana Grande once mentioned that everyone has a side of their face that just looks better. Some researchers from an American university have proven this tends to be the left side. While yours might be different, always try to flaunt the better side of your face. Except if you’re intentionally trying to look otherwise, most people want that picture-perfect look. That is exactly what you’ll achieve by accentuating the features from the better side of your face.

A Little Bit of ‘Sexy’ Wouldn’t Hurt

This one is for the ladies in here. You’ll agree that most guys drool over the pictures of female celebrities. But, you don’t need to be a celebrity before you get that same reaction to your next Instagram post. One of the techniques female celebrities use in their selfie pictures is to squint a little bit. To do this, narrow your eyes while pressing your lips into a little smile. This gives off that flirty and feminine vibe while making your face look lively and young.

Say Cheese!

Sometimes, a burst of bright laughter can bring all the vibrant energy you need to complete the picture. If it feels unnatural, you could try a little smile just to keep the happy vibes on. If you’re not confident about your smile, teeth whitening procedures could bring your million-dollar smile right back.

Take As Many Pictures As Possible

Kylie Jenner once admitted to taking about 500 pictures before finding that one she’d post. Kim Kardashian also mentioned taking up to 300 selfies after finding the perfect lighting. While you might not be able to match both numbers, you should try to pose for as many pictures as possible before throwing in the towel. This way, you have a wider range of options to pick out the chosen one(s) which make it to your socials.

Don’t Forget the Background

You’ll agree that the scenery behind this picture makes it look even better. This is important when taking pictures. Sometimes, the scenery behind you might give off the perfect complement to your picture. While you might not be on vacation in the Maldives like your favorite celebrity, you should be able to find some very nice sceneries to complement your pictures.

Develop A Signature Pose

Quite a number of celebrities have a variety of signature poses that they use in pictures, especially on red carpets. While you might be a stranger to the red carpets, you could also come up with a signature pose of your own. If you’re not into racking your brain to get one, you could copy your favorite celebrities. It could be as simple as Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock) clasping of hands, or you could go with the all-time famous peace sign. Of course, you can always bring in variations to spice up the pose as necessary.

Put In Practice

Practice makes perfect. You’ve probably heard that saying more times than you can count. You can apply it to you taking pictures too. Try as many styles and techniques as possible. See what works for you and what doesn’t. For example, some celebs believe placing the camera above your face gives the best selfie, while some think placing the camera below your face brings out your best features. So instead of just following either, you could try out both and see which fits you better. This way, you can go out and absolutely smash taking pictures in public.

Stick To Whatever Works For You!

Finally, always remember, if it works, stick to it. If you have a style that works for you every time, there’s no need to change it. Yes, you could spice it up with new techniques frequently. However, it’s better to stick to the one you know than have a bunch of unsatisfactory pictures sitting in your gallery.

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