The Ultimate Guide To Taking Sexy Pictures

Have you been looking for something new to spice up your Instagram feed? Or some new ways to wow your significant other? You might not need to search far and wide because you might simply need to post/send them a few high-quality thirst traps. Besides gratifying others with your body, taking sexy pictures is an amazing way to increase your self-confidence and ultimately help you feel more beautiful in your skin.

How to Take Sexy Pictures

Before taking sexy pictures, you need to prepare yourself and the environment where you would be taking the pictures to get the best quality photo. This article discusses the various steps you need to take to get the best shots that accentuate your best qualities.

Part 1: Face and Body Prep

This is an important part of the picture because you are the main focus. Taking the right steps in this department would ensure that your pictures are of the highest quality possible.

Step 1. Dressing

Dressing for this sort of endeavor requires a bit of thinking and understanding. Such as knowing what suits your body type and what you’re comfortable in. There are many different options you can opt for after considering the criteria stated earlier.

It is possible to take sexy photos in everyday clothing. It is even more commonplace than you might even realize. To do this, you might just show a bit of underwear or skin underneath the clothing. This is especially effective in relationships if you want to make your partner’s mind soar. Loosen up a few buttons to let her see a bit of chest hair or lift your office skirt a little higher than it would usually be.

The dress code is quite clear for sending a nude photo. If you are shy about taking a nude photo, you can wear a few clothes and work your way down to being bare. It may take a while, but you would learn to be more comfortable taking pictures in less and less clothing. But if you’re already very confident you don’t need this process, do it!

Step 2: The Face Card

Taking sexy pictures means putting your best foot forward. In this case, “putting your best face forward.” Doing this involves using make-up to complement and highlight your facial features. Using good makeup helps hide imperfections on your skin. This improves the quality of the picture. Even if you don’t wear a lot of make-up daily, you should consider putting on some for this purpose.

Darker-skinned people usually prefer a more natural look, which is also fine. Simply apply lighter eyeshadow, use foundation and concealers that match your skin color, and use a brightly colored blush for a more sultry look. It is possible that you might not want to include your face in the picture for confidentiality. Make-up isn’t required for all intents and purposes when taking faceless pictures.

Step 3: Style Your Hair

Your hairstyle is just as important as your face. Your picture won’t look sexy if your hair is a mess. You should style your hair, so it looks more voluminous. This is generally considered to be sexier.

The style you’re looking for seems rough but intentionally so. You would be going for a look that seems like you just came off the bed (in the hair department only!). The rumpled hairstyle is the best choice for both men and women. For the occasional bath traps, you could tie your hair up in a bun to avoid the splash of water and soap. But unfortunately, wet hair generally doesn’t appeal to people very much.

Body Hair

For men, the right amount of body hair in the right places can be attractive depending on the taste of your partner or audience. Chest hair, facial hair, leg hair, etc., could be described as sexy and appealing. However, this is purely the opposite when it comes to female standards. It is generally preferred that body hair is nonexistent on a woman’s body, apart from her head.

Part 2: Scenery

Where you take a picture could go a long way in dictating the mood for the entire image. Choosing the best spot for your shot would ultimately increase the quality of your photo.

Step 1: Choosing Location

The location for the picture is often obvious. In most cases, people take sexy pictures or thirst traps in the bedroom or bathroom. They do this to ensure very important privacy.

After ensuring your privacy, you can dare to choose other unorthodox locations for your photoshoot. For example, taking your pictures in the kitchen or living area can intrigue your partner and might even suggest some freaky ideas.

It is also very important that clutter is reduced to the barest minimum but not totally taken out. This will cause unnecessary distractions in your picture. However, removing it completely could make the scene look over-planned. For a more natural environment, add some not-so-distracting clutter.

Step 2: Lighting

After extensive research, it has been determined that natural lighting is the best form of lighting for informal photos. It brightens up the picture and even has a way of softening the image. Another advantage of natural lighting is the natural feel it adds to the picture. So don’t be scared to pop open the blinds to allow for natural light.

Part 3: Pose

Body language is very key in photos. The posture you take while taking a photo describes the whole mood of the picture.

When making a pose, try to focus on your best features. For example, your curves, a six-pack, etc. You could simply take a good look at yourself, note parts of your body you’re comfortable with, and explore them while taking your sexy pictures.

You should take notes to relax your face while taking erotic pictures and selfies. Looking tense might give an unwanted and even unappealing output. Instead, you could try looking spaced-out with semi-closed eyes for a more seductive look.

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It is normal to feel weird when taking sexy pictures, either for the ‘gram or for your partner. One thing that might help is taking pictures of your body and leaving your face until you get used to it. The best thing is to ease into it and not try too hard to get it done.

Taking erotic or sexy photos is very fun and can be a good way to build self-confidence. However, you should also understand that the pictures are meant to depict the sexy side and not your true personality, so relax and enjoy the process.

Whether the picture is for your partner, group of friends, or the internet, we hope that the information from the article will get you spurred to take many sexy pictures.

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