How To Make Money Selling Nudes

The chances are that you have sent nudes to a lover at one time or another. But your nudes can be more than just a way to get your partner turned on, and become a source of income for you.

Selling nudes online is an excellent way for you to make money online with nothing more than your body, a smartphone, a few props, and some inexpensive equipment.

This write-up outlines the basics of how you can turn your nude photos into an avenue to make money.

Get The Right Equipment

To begin selling your nudes online, you will have to take the pictures first, which is impossible without equipment. We’re not talking about expensive equipment here, although it can be worth investing in some professional-grade equipment if you have the capital. Some of the equipment you will need is:


You will need a camera with which you will take your pictures. This is not to say you have to shell out hundreds of dollars or even a couple thousand on a DSLR camera. Your smartphone is probably enough to take nice pictures. Any flagship smartphone from about three years back is more than enough to start your business.


A tripod stand is an essential piece of equipment for taking nudes. This is especially so if you will be taking the pictures yourself (which is so, in most cases). A tripod stand helps you introduce variety into the images you take. You’ll most likely also have to get a Bluetooth shutter button so you can take the pictures with your hands-free and without having to touch your phone.

Ring Light

Good lighting is essential for pictures of any kind, and a ring light is an inexpensive way of casting good light on yourself while you take your nude photos.

What Types Of Nudes Can You Sell?

There are different kinds of nudes you can sell online. Regardless of the type of nudes, you decide to sell, and you can sell your images as a set or individually. The best way to sell your photos is as a set, as this will help your customers get the best value for their money, thereby encouraging them to patronize you. The following are the types of nudes you can sell.


Nude selfies are the most common type of nudes. We could attribute the popularity of selfies to the ease of taking them and the low requirement in terms of equipment. All you need to take a nude selfie is your camera, your smartphone, your body, and maybe a mirror. However, selfies lack how much creativity you can inject and what poses you will pull off.


A nude photoshoot gives you pictures that look more professional than selfies. While you may benefit from hiring a photographer to take your photos, you can take the images yourself as long as you have access to a tripod stand. You take a wide array of poses in a photoshoot and take the pictures from different angles.

Photoshoots can help you boost your image to your clients. Many nude models make most of their money from the sale of photoshoot pictures as clients are more likely to want to pay for them than amateur mirror selfies. A photoshoot can be themed to spice things up. You can have a cosplay theme, a pirate theme, or any theme you want.


Polaroids are a great way of offering your clients physical copies of your pictures. The best way to implement polaroids in your business model is to have them serve as exclusives. This way, you can make more money off each of them.

You have to make sure to keep the exclusive, though, or they lose their value. Polaroids should not form the basis of your business model when selling nudes but should instead be something extra to give your fans a different experience.

Most Popular Websites To Sell Your Nudes


OnlyFans is probably the most popular website for the sale of adult content. Since its establishment in 2017, it has grown to become the go-to website for amateur nude models looking to make money from their pictures.

OnlyFans is subscription-based, so your clients pay a monthly set fee to view your content. In addition, they allow you to sell some of your content individually for a set price. With OnlyFans, you get 80% of the proceeds of your content, with the service taking a small 20% service fee.


Chaturbate is mainly for live sex shows. However, you can also sell your nude pictures and videos on the website. Chaturbate makes use of a token system where these tokens, which have an equivalent monetary value, can be used to purchase image sets and videos.

There is, however, also a subscription model where your clients pay a monthly fee to access your content. Chaturbate takes 40% of your earnings which is somewhat offset by the huge user base of the website.


Snapchat is another prevalent location for selling nudes online. You can sell your nudes online by creating a private Snapchat account and taking money from clients to add them to your premium Snap.

However, unlike the other services listed here, Snapchat doesn’t have a payment model. Therefore, you will have to use a different payment platform to take payments for your private Snap.

Other websites you can visit to sell your nudes include ModelCentro, Beatbox, Chatabox, ExtraLunchMoney, Fancentro, etc.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Nudes Online?

There’s no set amount to make selling nudes. It all depends on how much work you are willing to put into it, the number of clients you can gather, and the website you sell your nudes on.

Most performers do not make a fortune from sites like OnlyFans. The median account on OnlyFans makes $180 a month. Indeed, the majority of them receive even less than that per month.

However, it must be pointed out that one reason for this inequality is that the majority of these accounts have no fans at all. Which is the starting point for everyone, starting from scratch.

The top performers earn substantially more than everybody else. The top 1% of accounts make 33% of all the money, and the top 10% of accounts make 73% of all the money.

How To Make Money WITHOUT Building A Following?

Sellfies gives you the opportunity to make money with cheeky images of yourself. If you upload a minimum of 6 pictures you are already offered monetary compensation!

You might even have them on your phone already. Flirty or teasing selfies, or ‘those’ pictures that make you blush when scrolling past them. You can now earn money with these photos. The more pictures you share – and the naughtier they are – the more you’ll be able to earn.

The greatest thing about Sellfies when compared to the above platforms is that Sellfies will pay you for a set of pictures, regardless of your looks or how big your following is.

In short: with Sellfies there is no need to market yourself before you’re able to earn something from your photos.

Here is a quick overview on how to get started with selling your pictures to Sellfies:

  • Easy 3-step signup process
  • Choose to upload basic normal and sexy pictures, or more explicit ones
  • Receive a one-time payment as compensation
  • Your choice to remain 100% anonymous
  • Secure payments to a payout method of your choice

You can register for Sellfies right away!


Getting to sell your nudes shouldn’t be so hard. With the various methods listed in the article above, you could start making an extra buck from your nudes pretty soon!

Do you want to sell your pictures and make some extra cash?

Create your account and earn today

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